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SISU PR is a Vancouver-based boutique public relations and communications agency that specializes in promoting destinations, hotels, tourism & hospitality businesses, restaurants and lifestyle brands. The agency’s approach is based on research, strategy and planning, inspired storytelling, perseverance and a drive to exceed expectations. Every client is a valued extension of the SISU brand and receives exceptional care. Innovative programs generate exposure, increase brand recognition and ultimately contribute to economic success.

Telling stories. Helping businesses. Having fun.

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PR should be a priority for any destination, big or small. We’ll uncover and write creatively about your unique selling propositions, develop PR strategies to differentiate you in the travel landscape, bring media to experience your destination and get you on the map! Articles in newspapers and magazines, radio and TV show segments and posts by big name bloggers are the results of PR work. 


Seasonal and year-round attractions need tourists and locals to know, visit and help spread positive word of mouth. Visitors to tourism attractions get their information from a variety of sources and a PR partner can help devise and execute a strategy to reach them all. We will develop media campaigns, build awareness and brand recognition through targeted media placements and PR promotional activities, create media materials and invite media to experience your attraction first hand.


Public relations can help increase the profile of your event, the organizers or speakers while increasing registrations or ticket sales - directly impacting your bottom line. We can help you build your online community, target traditional media and influencers and use all the tools in our toolbox to generate the buzz you need to ensure success. 


Whether you’re a boutique property, a brand name hotel or a destination resort, the competition is fierce to get your share of heads in beds and diners in your restaurant. We handle hotel openings and ones already in the market by crafting and affecting the stories told about your property. Using our PR toolbox, we will connect with stakeholders to help you attain the intended attention, marketshare and outcomes.


Your bottom line is bums in seats whether you are a bar, lounge, casual or fine-dining restaurant that is about-to-open, newly-opened or a neighbourhood staple. We will develop a customized strategic approach to further define your place on the dining scene, reach key stakeholders and ensure you are part of the local and visitor dining out conversations and on the “where to eat” lists. Launch events and dinners for key media and influencers are part of the fun.


PR steps in to get journalists, thought leader influencers and bloggers to recommend and promote products that enhance the consumer’s lifestyle. We can offer a wide range of services from traditional media relations and event planning to social media management and product launches. 


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